We support greater use of Latin and Chant in the Mass

New York Latin Liturgy Assoc.

The New York Latin Liturgy Association is a local chapter of the Latin Liturgy Association of America, the leading Catholic Association dedicated to greater use of Latin and Gregorian Chant in the approved liturgies of the Catholic Church.

We sponsor Latin Masses on Staten Island according to both the Traditional Rite (Forma Extraordinaria) and the current liturgy (Forma Ordinaria).

We also sponsor occasional Chant Workshops and Retreats.

We are located at 34 Dumont Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10305. Our telephone number is 718-351-1234 and our fax number is 718-667-7128. Our email address is mail@silaw.com.

William J. Leininger is the Chairman of the Association, and he is a past President of the Latin Liturgy Association of America.